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Turning Interest Into Action

Here at It Takes A Village, Inc., we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further achieve our cause. Our mission is to provide services that encourage children, adults, and families to achieve their fullest potential.


 It Takes a Village, Inc. will ensure that every family, every parent, and every child will be equipped with the resources and skills they need to face the ever-changing and complex society in which we live.  We will be committed to providing continuous support in a variety of areas that affect the families we serve. We will strive to enrich our communities with dynamic and effective services and empower them to take an active and positive role in addressing the needs of our families.  

ITAV Values


 We strive to improve the state of our communities.  We understand that just as we are responsible for ourselves, we have a responsibility to each other.  The success of our children and our families depends on the strength and cohesiveness of our diverse communities.

Civil Rights

We have a right to educational and economic opportunities, emotional and physical wellbeing, safety and security, and other protections that are vital to maintaining human dignity.  These rights are essential in order for growth and development to occur individually and collectively.


We recognize the importance of family. We value all families at whatever stage they may be in their lives.  We seek to provide important life skills and support that will result in successful family life.  We see every parent and child as a unique and integral part of the family unit.

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